About Us

Who We Are


Ati Priye Kids Play-way & Kindergarten is the best and most safe place for your child to be at. At Ati Priye Kids Play-way & Kindergarten your kids will get highest level of care and development. We give every child personalised care so that no kid is left behind in the stages of development. We know the right proportion of physical activities and learning that is to be inculcated in a child’s life.

Ati Priye Kids Play-way & Kindergarten was formed with a motive to give every child the quality of guidance and learning opportunity that is best for this age and the time they are growing up in. We do this by using the latest methods of teaching and child development. Children these days require a lot more than just bookish knowledge and we provide them the same.

What We Do

Will my child be provided care?

We understand that your children are precious and are in a stage of life where they need maximum level of care. Thus, we are the best to take care of your children when you are not around.

What games and physical activities are available?
Is the infrastructure safe for our children?
How will a child's growth be accessed ?
Will my child be given individual care

Our Capabilities

Our highly trained and experienced teachers , effective student-teacher ratio and concept based activity and learning curriculum are key highlights of our system. Other than this, we don not hesitate to go an extra mile to take care of our students. This combination of activities, learning and caring trains the students for life long development even when no one is there to guide.  We nurture the kids in a way that is most suitable for their individual capabilities and the era they are growing in.

Our teachers and students participate in events and functions which are of great importance for children’s overal develoment

Child care has always been our primary priority an we consider individual needs of every child as they are all different.

Our teching modules are much different than that of others as we inculcate the changing environmental methods.

We let children actively participate in physical activities and games so that they are never left behind in terms of growth.

Our Team Of Experts

A frim believer of transformation in education, our team is convinced that how we raise our children will have a profound effect on the future of humanity.